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So I was thinking, what if there was a fighting game that relied entirely on using moves to set up an opponent to get their head stomped on, Mario-style, a.k.a. the footstool in Smash Bros., except that upon that happening, the opponent is killed and loses a stock. Thus I came up with the idea for this game, Footstool.

I haven't exactly come up with all of the nuances of it yet, but some of the main ideas include:

Smash-style of gameplay (obviously)

Diverse stages

No edges

No platforms that can be jumped through

Shields but no dodges

No percentage system


No kill moves

Blast zones exist



All Tilts

All aerials except down aerial

Down aerial input is just a fast fall

Grabs and Throws

Four Specials


Balanced All-Rounder

Speedy, Small Character

Helmeted Character, Slow and Defensive, Able to Withstand a few footstools before being K.O.'d

Grappler Character

Big Slow and Heavy Character

Ranger Character

Combo-Heavy Character

Small Slow and Heavy Character

Item-Focused Character

Gimmicky Character

Risky Powerhouse

Edgy Character

Troll Character